“We created the top-down auditing method”

Our Mission

To Ensure Accurate Integrated Regulatory Compliance

  • Make all businesses audit resistant
  • Ensure employers are in compliance
  • Ensure independent contractors are in compliance
  • Monitor risk classification assignment usage
  • Ensure compliance in ALL 50 States

Who We Are

We are your resource for all things related to Employer’s Workers Compensation Compliance

  • Educate Employers on our SaaS Business Compliance Programs: WKRComp
  • Provide Cloud Software for Complete Compliance Accuracy

Liberty Bay is a professional group of experts who know State and insurance workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance compliance reporting. Not only can we verify your business classifications, but review your business model to determine if you have the correct contracts, proposals, and by-laws to survive an audit for your employees, independent contractors, and prevailing wage projects.

We ensure your reporting will be quick, simple, and accurate using cell phones, tablets, time equipment, time sheets, and desktops for any industry.