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Why should you use the iPhone APP data entry Calculator?

Record hours and calculate workers’ compensation premiums anywhere in America. The data creates an email for export, and can be viewed on the Workers’ Compensation Calculator page on your iPhone.

No complicated learning curve. No more transcribed, call-in, or faxing in risk classifications and hours.

Simple, Fast, and Accurate!

Great for employees and independent contractors sending in data to payroll companies, bookkeepers, and accountants to calculate payroll and contractor payments accurately. And the best part, this version is FREE!

Get rid of your Excel sheets and inaccurate Add-on payroll programs calculating workers’ compensation premiums.

Download this APP to track one person, your whole crew, independent contractors, and prevailing wage jobs instead of purchasing individual apps. Contact us for more information and a demonstration.

  • The data is reliably backed up by the hosting company
  • The menus make data entry faster and avoid making clerical errors
  • Multi-classification entries are created to reduce premiums

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